Barbara's Story

My foster care journey started during the pandemic. Everything felt so awful at the time that we decided we were going to help make it better.

Our first placement was a brother 4yo and sister 18 months old. We picked them up from our foster care agency and were given a gallon zip lock with their toiletries and a plastic grocery bag with their clothes and toys.  They would be with us for 10 days until their mother's court date. The brother was developmentally delayed and needed special care. They might not be with us long, but we were going to get a good start with him.

We got them home and moved them into their new room with us. They got their own seats at the kitchen table. They tried foods they had never seen before and liked them! We started potty training 4yo brother. 
10 days turned into 30 days. 30 days turned into 60 days. We settled into a routine as a family of five. Six months into our foster journey with this brother and sister, it was time for them to transition into a pre-adoptive home.
No grocery bags for this move! My Bag My Story provided each of them with their own duffel bag. The kids were able to spend a couple of weekends with the new family before the final move. Each time they took out their duffels, they were just like any other kids going for a sleepover. When the time came for the permanent move, the kids took their MBMS duffels and moved into what we hope will become their forever home. And we get to stay in their lives as extra family.