Our Dignity Program provides high- quality duffel bags and backpacks to children in the foster care system. We provide these bags through our Dignity Partners, who work directly with children in the foster care system. We are grateful to partner with these organizations to help end the trash bag and elevate a child’s sense of dignity.

A note from one of our Dignity Partners, describing how My Bag My Story has impacted their program

"Most of these children come to our agency with little to no personal belongings. There are so many moving parts within the first few weeks of accepting a foster care placement and our agency tries to set up these children and foster families for success. Our message to these children is that they are valued, already loved and worthy; this message is tangible when they receive a bag from My Bag My Story. Each child in the foster care system is worthy and deserves to feel loved, accepted, and valued and that is exactly what My Bag My Story does by showing a child they deserve more than a garbage bag”.


Ami Parker, Director of AGAPE