Holly’s Story

As foster parents know all too well, the vast majority of foster children that come to our homes come with little to no belongings, and the belongings that they do sometimes bring usually get transported with them in a trash bag.

Recently, we said yes to a teenager, and she came to our home with just a blanket and a tiny backpack with only a few things in it. Thankfully it wasn’t a trash bag, but it was immediately evident that something had to be done and many things were needed. Our incredible community instantly wrapped around her, and us, and provided her with clothing and necessities. However, she had nothing to put all of her new things in, which quickly proved to be a problem.

I decided to reach out to my friend, Cara, and see if she by chance had an extra bag that could be given to our sweet sixteen year old. Thankfully, she did, and I even got to help her pick the color that I thought our foster daughter would like best. We were so excited to get to surprise her with this generosity from My Bag My Story.

Not only were we able to get her a duffel bag, but we were also given a backpack with her name monogrammed on it! This was the icing on the cake for our foster daughter. Not only did she have these new, beautiful bags to call her own, but one even had her name purposefully put on it. Talk about restoring some dignity to a child going through one of the toughest times of her life. I wish I could show off to everyone our foster daughter’s face when she saw the beautiful bags that had been intentionally given to her; Her reaction brought us all to tears.

I am so thankful for My Bag My Story and it’s mission to provide a bag to a child in foster care for each bag purchased. It truly blesses these children, and restores their dignity as we get rid of the trashbag trend.