Jen’s Story

Our family has been a volunteer foster care respite family for about 5 years. What was once unknown and unfamiliar to us, has now become something we consider very dear to our heart. The act of opening our home to children who have no place to go.

While there’s been many blessings along the way, really too many too count, we have grown close to people who have similar desires to help foster children in need. And that’s where My Bag My Story merges with our story. Their mission to provide a new duffel bag or backpack to those in foster care is so powerful.

When you imagine foster children being brought to your home with next to nothing, and what they bring is enclosed in a plastic bag of sorts- it’s heartbreaking. But My Bag My Story has provided a way for children to contain their items- their very personal items- in a beautiful, colorful bag. A bag that is their very own. It matters.

One thing I know for sure is we can all do something to make a difference in the lives of children. I’m grateful to support an organization that recognizes the value in what a child carries their belongings in!