Lindsay’s Story

When we first started fostering we only knew one other foster family. We were nervous about what was in store for our family and apprehensive about if we could actually do it. Saying yes to a call from a teen mom and her newborn felt like the biggest leap of faith; we had never parented a teen or a newborn so we felt extremely unprepared! However as we welcomed them into our home, we quickly realized we were immediately welcomed into a wonderfully supportive community who would constantly be there for us. Even more importantly, this precious mother and baby were immediately loved and welcomed into an encouraging community too.

Provisions came in for our family from clothing to meals to emotional support. Our new foster daughter was overwhelmed and appreciative of the way people who didn’t even know her were giving to her. One of the most meaningful items she received was a My Bag My Story backpack. Not only did her bag give her a place to keep her baby’s items as we went to our multiple appointments a day, but it gave her a sense of belonging in a community. So often being in foster care has a negative connotation, but My Bag My Story reminds those who carry it of their strength, their acceptance, and a wide circle of people cheering them on.